Did a little maintenance on the beard. I dunno, I think it kinda makes me look like a villain.

Did a little maintenance on the beard. I dunno, I think it kinda makes me look like a villain.

This scumbag beat up a friend of mine’s daughter. 

This scumbag beat up a friend of mine’s daughter. 

This will offend someone…

So, today there was a crossword clue that said, “Swallow kin.”

First answer that popped into my head: “West Virginia blowjob.”


Good authority

I have it under good authority that after extensive scientific research, it has been discovered that the Wu-Tang Clan is indeed something to Fuck with.


Hey kids! Pissed at Otakon’s new pre-reg policy? Here’s some helpful tips to help you deal with it!

1. Take that expensive ass pre reg, and use it to go to 2 other small, local, cons. I mean, sure, you won’t have Baltimore and it’s high crime rate and mile walks from your hotel to the convention center and the sweltering Inner Harbor heat and humidity and long lines for pre-reg pickup (and the panels, and the autograph sessions, and the masquerade, for food, etc.) and the awesome experience of only seeing your friends for a few seconds all weekend unless you’re handcuffed to them…

But you just might have a lot more fun.

Ok, so really I only have the one tip. Sorry if you feel I lied to you.

Donate Now! Cat Hillberry is raising money for Medical Bills


The Larsons are one of the kindest families in the fan community; they bring you Katsucon every year. They’ve lost one of their own today, Christine Larson passed away this afternoon and they face some steep medical bills. Her husband and son are going through some really hard times right now and this is something they should NOT face alone. If you can spare anything for them, please do. And if you can’t contribute, then please signal boost.  Christine’s family and all her friends thank you.

Please help







there’s also the skeleton, aka “completely out of your fucking mind sliding”



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An apology from the Katsucon 2014 Masquerade coordinator

The opening skit at the Katsucon Masquerade was a collaborative effort on the parts of all involved. What was intended was a fun little skit to Kick off the cosplay. Before the Masquerade started, The girls, Rob the MC, and the Tech crew all agreed to do a bit of improvisational bantering among themselves as the cosplay went on because they felt it would be an amusing value add to the proceedings.

As the cosplay went on, some people were offended by some of the parts that played out in improvisations. I know that despite the insistence that even if the girls were fine with what went on, the perception is that the activities being displayed were not appropriate for a family event.

For those of you that were offended, I am truly, deeply sorry. It was never my intention to put on a show that would offend you. For the improv parts, where I wasn’t involved, they got caught up in the heat of the moment and in their enthusiasm for putting on the show, failed to notice any discontent. 

I am sure efforts will be made in the future by the new people in charge of the Katsucon Masquerade that will ensure that future cosplays will be more family friendly.

Dear Katsucon masquerade attendees who were offended by the way the nurses were treated:


I am one of those nurses. I feel the need to speak up for myself since some women feel the need to speak for me in saying we were used and the like.

-The script was reviewed by all actors involved before recording. We all approved of it.

-The costumes were chosen by us. (The nurses)


You know, some times I do regret not having kids when I was younger. I’m reaching the age where my potential daughters friends would have totally considered me a DILF.